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Stilt Walking, Giant Puppets, Visual Theater

Animal Cracker Conspiracy is a multi-disciplinary performance and puppet company creating visual theater experiences, roaming stilt walking performances, giant puppets, event entertainment and public spectacle for the world!!

Animal Cracker Conspiracy defies easy categorization. Mixing and mingling multiple styles of puppetry, with visual arts, film creation, circus and new forms of storytelling they have devised live visual theater, performative installation, solo works, exhibitions and touring shows.

Over the last 15 years they have explored a diversity of performance modalities from: thoughtful to spectacle, social commentary to social excitement, introverted to extroverted and even from the poetic to the profane. Best known for intriguing wordless poetic puppet shows for adults, thoughtful family oriented puppet performances, stilt walking characters and giant puppets who over the years have travelled all over the world, visual art is the foundation of their work and thinking. Animal Cracker Conspiracy are truly multi disciplined and multi media!

La Jolla Playhouse’s Digital Without Walls Series presents

The Society of Wonder

By: Animal Cracker Conspiracy
World Premiere
A La Jolla Playhouse Commission

Animal Cracker Conspiracy is a multi-disciplinary performance company creating visual theater performances for adult audiences, zany and thoughtful puppet shows for families, as well as touring stilt-dancing performances, giant puppets, and public spectacle for the world!!

Starting September 18th!

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