Paper Cities

Paper Cities Project A multi-media puppet theater workshop that engages histories of global urban development and transforms commerce, architecture and politics into poetry, movement and sound. Paper Cities explores the growth of a city and its relationship with and through paper, taking a particular look at contemporary ‘realities’ and the intertwining of archetypal patterns that …

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The Collector

The Collector is a mysterious tale, set in an alternate reality, about a lowly debt collector, who, under the management of a mechanical, tyranniacal overseer, undergoes a radical transformation of spirit in the process of collecting outstanding debts. As he travels through the urban landscape the boundaries between object and self collide. Performed with toy …

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Gnome Sense

Gnomesense! A Happening in the Garden Gnomesensical! A happening in the garden! We are sending out invitations to the spirits of non-sense, serious play, and make believe to come out and bask in the sunshine. Gnomesense invites everyone to play, be absurd, and lose themselves in a garden of alt/earthly delights. Questioning what is up …

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Giant Puppets

With its roots in the sacred, giant effigy figures were most often the intermediaries of shamans and priests and jocuri. Large structures were used in explaining the world, passing on myths, legends, and the social customs or practices of the people. From Liverpool to Bangladesh, colorful handmade creatures roar through the streets celebrating their culture’s …

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Breakfast With Beuys

A series of devised movement structures approaching meaning inspired by the initiator of the free university concept. This piece of object theatre references Joseph Beuys’ “I like America and America Likes Me”, re-visiting our ongoing obsession with newspapers and the way information is transmitted. Musical Compositions by Eddie Hernandez

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