Past Work


A moving meditation on the themes of Zen, vagabond, and of welcoming the precarious into life. Through the use of play, the idea of being unmoored, of letting go, and allowing oneself to be swept away by forces outside of control are explored. Leaving behind familiar formulae and the safety of the known, a realization is continually found; there is nothing lacking. Performed with Zirk Ubu.

Myth Project

A collaborative site-specific work that explored myths of the warrior and military training. It was performed at the (former) Naval Training Center in Point Loma, CA (now NTC Promenade). Part of its aim was to examine the essence of storytelling as a “charter for social action” through original site-specific works blending dance, theater, puppetry, and circus as a way to re-embody contemporary and ancient myths. Directed by Patricia Rincon and Liam Clancy. Artistic collaborators Rebecca Bryant, Iain Gunn, Bridget Rountree, and composer Don Nichols.

Circus Hilarious

Desire to Fly

Cindy the Elf