Puppet Mind

Next live workshop series will be with the La Jolla Playhouse Spotlight at home classes. Dates and links will be announced shortly!

When you register for the class you’ll receive PDF instructions and materials needed for a DIY kinetic puppet.

Who are we?

Animal Cracker Conspiracy emerged from the underground art scene in San Diego in 2006! It was born of a scrappy DIY ethos that looked at different global performance traditions, reduce, reuse, and recycle and the offerings of other up and coming art and performance groups.

Over the last 15 years ACC has created multiple live art performances, puppet shows, and cabarets. ACC also produces work such as parades and pageantry, they utilize various styles of puppetry which they have toured with, traveled for, and presented both nationally and internationally. We have received grant funding from the Jim Henson Foundation, Heather Beth Henson Fund, San Diego Foundation, and the Puffin Foundation.

If you are registered with us we will inform you of upcoming classes, and the availability of kits and patterns.

Grab your spot today, space is limited!

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